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montecassino war tours as a child
When i was a child walking between the gravestones

"Why you?" are you certenly asking yourself...
Let's start to tell you who I am....
I'm Anna, an Italian licensed tour guide (certified by the Italian National Tourist Board) with a PhD in WWII History at the Humboldt University of Berlin in Germany.  When I was I child I was surprised to find pieces of bombs in my garden, so I started studing the Second World War and I discovered that I lived in the middle of the American Battlefields of Cassino.  I read thousand books about the war, I followed the last Veterans in the places they remembered, and I heard their personal experiences. I will be happy to  share with you the most important events of the Four Battles on Cassino, but also the personal Veterans' stories, remembering that memory is important for our future!
If you want to see more pictures on my experience, follow me on Instagram @75th_anniv_montecassino_tour