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Castelforte War Museum. French Colonials' uniforms
There are places that you must visit if you are a WWII addict, but even if you are moderately interested in what happened in this area 75 years ago. One of this places is the Gustav Line Garigliano Front Museum in the little medieval village of Castelforte. This area was the scene of the Battle for Rome and in particular the so called "Fourth Battle of Montecassino" or Operation Diadem, regarding several nationalites, on the Allied and on the Axis side.
The Gustav Line-Fronte Garigliano Museum
This museum was created only about one year ago, by a group of entusiastic and passionate people of a local Association, after a long periode of studies, reconnaissances on the local battlefields and reseaches on the memorabilia still existing in the area. The museum is organised in many fantastic "tableau vivant", showing visitors scenes of normal military life in the bunkers and in the heardquarters of both side of the war. Hundreds of original materials are shown all along the museum, fantastic and well preserved uniforms, weapons, shells, mines, but even helmets and army dogtags found in the area, that allowed the Museum Association to understand the stories of the soldiers that owned them.
The Gustav Line-Fronte Garigliano Museum
In the museum is also possible to watch some videos about the discovery of several memorabilia, in the battlefields and in the river, showing visitors how difficult but emotional it is to find these tracces of the past forgotten after 75 years.
The Gustav Line-Fronte Garigliano Museum
The museum is little, only about 100 squares meters, but you will see really a piece of surviving history coming alive. Just ask me to be your tour guide, and we will visit it and we will know a little more about the Garigliano crossing and the Diadem Operation in this area. My tours are organized in German, French, English and Spanish.


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