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with Monte Cassino War Tours
with Monte Cassino War Tours

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TourHQ reviews on Monte Cassino War Tours  Anna Maria was an amazing tour guide. Her passion for learning everything she can about WWII is fabulous, she is so knowledgeable, shared about her family's personal experiences and her English was excellent.  It was fascinating to hear a local version if the war versus the broadest version I've learned through history, a primarily American version. Anna Maria knows so much... from the exact right spots to stop and take pictures to interesting tidbits about the Monte Cassino monastery. She has strong relationships with staff there and has had behind-scenes experiences there I doubt many others have had that make her a great tour guide. I'd highly recommend her.
 TourHQ reviews on Monte Cassino War Tours  Anna was great!  She is very knowledgeable of the battles of Monte Cassino, has a pleasant personality, and is very accommodating.  Best day ever!


Dr. Anna Maria Priora Ph.D

WW2 Monte Cassino Battlefield expert, researcher and tour guide

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