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Scritto da Guido Priora
at the Commonweath War Cemetery with Monte Cassino War Tours
at the Commonweath War Cemetery with Monte Cassino War Tours
Montecassino war toursOn the footsteps of Maori Soldiers
Montecassino war tours

General Freyberg's plan involved the 4th Indian Division attacking Cassino from the North, while the New Zealanders were to attack the town from the south. Because of German demolition of the floodbanks south of Cassino, only one New Zealand battalion was able to cross the fooded Rapido in the southern attack. It fell to A and B Companies of the 28 Maori Battalion to attack on the town's well-defended railway station south of the town on 17th February 1944. After one of the costliest battles fought by the unit during the war, the men of 28 Maori Battalion seized positions in and around the railway station. But theengineers following behind them were unable to clear a path through the flooded terrain for reinforcements. Without support, the isolated Maori soldiers were forced to withdraw after a counter-attack by German infantry backed by tanks. Over 150 of the Battalion's men were killed, wounded or captured in this failed attack.

The Maori Tour (3 Hours) includes:

  • The Train station and the Plague dedicated to the maori
  • the Round Building and Hummlock hill
  • the X point
  • Captain Foltin's cave and the Continental Hotel
  • Hotel des Roses
  • the Panoramic point
  • The Germans' cave
  • Montecassino Abbey
  • The Commonwealth War Cemetery

On the footsteps of Maori Soldiers