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 during one of our tours
during one of our tours

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Tripadvisor review
My husband and I (along with his brother and wife) were visiting Italy in June 2018. I found Anna online and was so glad I did. She was amazing! We did the Monte Cassino tour with her. She is very knowledge and insightful. We learned a lot about the WWII battles in the area. She also helped us find information about our family in the near by town. She did some research on her own before we got there. She went above and beyond to help us with our family history in the area. I would highly recommend Anna to anyone looking for an educational tour of the area.
Tripadvisor review
Anna Maria, at short notice, gave us 4.5 hours of touring the Commonwealth Cemetery, the Cavendish Rd and the magnificent Monte Cassino Monastery. Her knowledge of events leading up to the capture of Monte Cassino and it’s eventual rebirth is remarkable. I feel like I have a much better idea of how my father endeavoured to serve his country in a land so far from home and how devastating that event was to those who lived in the surrounding areas at that time.
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Tripadvisor review
Anna Marie picked us up from the train station, and provided a fantastic, detailed tour of Cassino of the surrounding area. She has studied the battles of Monte Cassino from all points of view- American, British, Commonwealth, Polish, German. She really understands the nuances of the battle, and was able to to provide unique insights.

The Abbey at Cassino is amazing! It was totally destroyed in WWII, and has been completely rebuilt using as much of the original materials as they could. The view of the valley from there is stunning!

This tour was one of the highlights of our trip to Italy!
Tripadvisor review
We had a great tour experience with Anna, a very knowledgeable guide, who showed us the very important historical sites, the village of Sant'Angelo in Thoedice, the battlefield of the Rapido River happened there, the Freedom Bell is near the site, we visited the The Commonwealth War Cemetery, the stunning Abbey of Montecassino where St Benedict is buried. The place is magical with a breathtaking view! Cassino recovered from the destruction of war, but in every corner they keep the memory of those who fought for peace, people of Cassino are very kind and hard working. Thank you to Anna to make this tour memorable, it was like time travelling to the past!
Tripadvisor review
My husband and I came to Cassino from NewZealand to visit my Uncles grave in the Commonwealth War Cemetery. Anna picked us up at the railway station and we spent 3 and a half hours with her as she took us to the Cemetery where we located my uncles grave as well as to the Abbey and other places of interest regarding the battles in Cassino in 1944. Her knowledge is superb, and I would describe Anna as a people person,. Her passion for her role is evident from the moment she meets you. For us Anna brought the reality of the terrible losses suffered by our boys in this campaign. The day was pure magic. Thank you Anna . LEST WE FORGET.

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