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If for you it has always been very important to know where we come from, now all the travellers with Italian roots have the possinility to know something more about the past of their families. Our tours in the surrounding area of Cassino are fully customisable with an expert guide that will help you to learn more about your ancestors.

Our Ancestral Heritage tours are tailor-made based on the things you remember, or you found between the documents of your family.

Many of you grow up hearing tales about the hard life in Italy in the past, or about the sad experience of the war and the bombing of Monte Cassino, so our tours will show you what you heard by your Granmothers.

Upon arrival in Cassino, at the Railway station or at your hotel, I will meet you and we will join the village you are interested to, by car, describing on the way the area arround and explaing you as much as possible how was the life in the past and how it is today. I will paint for you a fully rounded picture of your village, starting from the local traditional dishes, to the local monuments.

If possible I will show you the school they attended, or the houses where they lived, the churches where they married or where they were baptized.

Genealogy researches and Heritage tours and researches with Anna Priora!

To know as much as possible about your family you must help us, telling us in advance all what you remember about your ancestors. I can show you the names of the relatives you are interested in, on the big old books of the townhall, or in the archives of the churches.

Usually you can fly back home with a certificate of all we discover, as a little souvenirs of your stay in Italy. Sometimes it has happed to me to find out not only traces of the family on the books, but even people, distant relatives my customers didn't know to be still in Italy.

Always a fantastic, emotional, surprising experience, for me too!


Dr. Anna Maria Priora Ph.D

WW2 Monte Cassino Battlefield expert, researcher and tour guide

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