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Official words of britain's declaretion of war reached Wellington eight minutes before midnight on 3 September. Shortly before 2.a.m. on 4 September New Zealand advised London of its declaretion of war. New Zealander was one of the first democratic states to enter the Second World War alongside Britain Australia and France. After few days' neutrality Canada and South Africa would join them.

The New Zealander Generals were very worried focusing the unevitable task of organizing a New Zealand attack on Cassino. As part of the New Zealand Corps, which included their old allies 4rt Indian Division, they had expected to drive through a gap that  american forces would open and linking with other forces landed at Anzio to the north  of Cassino to drive on Rome. But the American attack foundered. General Freyberg wanted to organise his attack very well after the bloody lesson of the fitile American Attack befor him. Freyberg planned two attacks. While the 4 Indian division attacked to the north of the town where the American  had made some gains, the New Zealanders would seize the railway station and two other nearby points. The troops believer that the Germans were using the monastery of Monte Cassino as an observation point. So the Indian divisional commander requested its destruction On 15 February the monastery disappeared under massive bombs blasts. The Germans had ever used the monastery as an observation points, but using the bombing they use it to create a strongpoint. As soon as darkness fell on 17 February, several hundred Maori Infantrymen moved forward along the causeway. At 2.a.m. the Cassino station was in Maori hands. Smoke was laid down to obscure the Maori waiting for the darkness to send them supports, but they spent unconfortable hours under mortar fire as they waited. Late in the afternoon their position was untenable as German tanks and Infantry pressed in on them in a  concentred counter-attack. The Maory were forced to pull out of the station and back across the causeway. Freiberb was forced to prepare a new attack with a different approach.