Visiting the International Museum of World Warsđź‘Ť

I was at the “Museo Internazionale delle Guerre Mondiali” (this is the true Italian name of this Museum!) for the first time only some weeks ago, following the advice of my best friend!

I didn’t know that to aspect. I was looking for a museum that could show to my customers some particular memorabilia, something difficult to find, something special. And I didn’t find only a very particular and Unique Museum, but also very special and passionate new friends, Johnny and Filippo.

It is an unequalled and matchless historic collection, that retraces the events of  1943 and 1944 exactly at the beginning of the conquest of Rome. Museum displays not only for adults but even for the younger generations, an understandable history that retraces the period leading up to the conquest of Rome , through the breaking of the Winter and the Gustav Line.

40 Years of research and passion, 10 years of hard work, have enable this Association of very brave people, to form this unique collection: more that 3000 sqm of expositionthousands and thousands pieces of memorabilia, including many vehicles, tanks, cannons, a plane, all combined in an original exhibition which in unique in the Southern of Italy.

Some memorabilia are unique! If you want to see a North American Aviation T-6 Texan, a Bofors 40 mm gun, or M115 203 mm howitzer, just come and you will see them parked outside the museum just as a little car…

At the heart of the historic site of the Italian Battlefields , the Museo Internazionale delle Guerre Mondiali shows a special perspective of one of the greatest moments in the history of humanity.

The museum let us follow the Allied forces who participated to the Battles, but even the Italian and German soldiers in their daily life during the bloody battles that occurred in our area. Scenic reconstructions of the major operations of the Battles, using uniformsweaponsmannequin figures, and precious memorabilia.

Visiting this museum will put you into history and back in time.