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“The Anzio landing” Battlefield Tour: HISTORICA BACKGROUD

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The landings at Anzio took place on 22 January, two Divisions landed at Anzio and Nettuno, and they were unopposed. On the left 2nd Brigade of British 1st Division came ashore to the north of Anzio on Peter Beach, together with 2nd Special Service Brigade, the 24th Gards Brigade landed behind the assault waves, while 6615 Ranger Regiment supported by Us 509 th Parachute Battalion landed straight into the town. On X-Ray Beach US 3rd Division landed without meeting major resistance. The landings were a great success. 

Major General Lucas now started to receive congratulations from all commanders. He wasn’t worried about the conterattacks. On 24 January the lodgement was seven miles deep and 10 miles wide. Kesselring was not surprised by the landings and he decided to use the 4th Parachute Division and some units of the Hermann Goering Fallschirm Panzer Division to block the route from Anzio to the Alban hills. Then Kesselring changed his mind and ordered Gen. Mackensen  to send about eight Divisions to stop the landings.

Kesselring had reacted very well to confine the Americans and British within their small beachhead as a first move to throwing them back to the sea. The main purpose of the landings was to induce the Germans to withdraw their Army from the Gustav Line, but the Anzio assault was contained mainly by units from elsewhere in Italy.

The badly battered town of Cisterna on the coast road to Rome. 29th June 1944 (media storehouse Photographic Print)

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“The Anzio landing” Battlefield Tour: WHAT TO EXPECT

The “Anzio Landing Gran Tour” (about 6 hours) includes:

1) pickup from your arrival at the railway station in Anzio everyday at 10.00am

2) about 6h guided tour of the most meaningful sites of Anzio, Nettuno and the area:

3) return to the railway station in Anzio at 05.30pm

“The Anzio landing” Battlefield Tour: WHAT YOU MUST KNOW ABOUT THIS TOUR

WHEN AND WHERE: At the railway station in Cassino every day at 10.00am or 02.00pm (Main Square, near the Green Kiosk)

WHAT IS INCLUDED: Minivan and ww2 tour guide

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED: Lunch and dinner are not included but I can suggest…

PRICE PER PERSON: 200 euros (minimum 2 people lunch and dinner not included)

GUIDES/LOCAL EXPERTS: Massimo Carducci, a local guide, will held this tour

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