Berlin self-guided WWII Tour

Berlin self-guided WWII Tour for ww2 Addicted

As you can immagine beenig a Second World War Tour Guide in Italy means that I must know as much as possible not only about the Fours Battle of Cassino, but even as much as possible about our former Allied, the Nazi Germany. When I lived in Berlin some years ago, it was quite impossible to speak about the Nazi past of this country.

berlin self guided wwii tour

Berlin self-guided WWII Tour: 25 years ago

When I was in the Humboldt Universität’s library it was clear that every books on this arguments had to be ask with a particular formulare and a communication was automatically sent to the police, to controll why someone wanted to read this kind of books. Now everything is different. Berlin is full of WWII yours, Adolf Hitler’s tour, Hitler’s Bunker tours and so on.

Berlin self-guided WWII Tour

Berlin Second World War tours for ww2 Addicted

That’s why after so many years I decided to fly again to Berlin, to visit all this part of the town I didn’t know. The difficulty of finding and organising my self-guided tour of Berlin, pushed me to study all what I could find in English and in German on this arguments, and that’s why I wrote this self guided tours to help you during the visit.

Berlin self-guided WWII Tour

Berlin self-guided WWII Tour: my organization

I organized it in areas, because Berlin is a big a town, with a super public transportation system (to plan how to nove in Berlin look here) , but time is always to short to run from one side of the town to the other. Please forgive me if the self guided instructions are not complete, but…..i’m a WW2 tourist as you are …learning everyday something new…and discovering everyday something more.

Self guided wwii tour Europe

South Berlin WWII Tour

West Berlin WWII tour (self-guided tour)

Central Berlin WWII tour

Soviet WWII memorials in Berlin

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