Monte Cassino Battlefield tours

Monte Cassino Battlefield Tour with a big group of visitors

Monte Cassino Battlefield Tour: you can visit Monte Cassino Abbey and the Battlefield with a tour guide

Our guided tours of the Battlefield of Monte Cassino and the Gustav Line are held every day by Anna Maria Priora a fully licensed Italian tour guide, following the footsteps of the Allied Forces and the German troops in the Italian Campaign. I began to work in the tourism branch in 2003, and after having met a lot of tourists, and having visited many old Italian monuments, I decided about 10 years ago, that I had to follow my way, and follow my passion: the Second World War in the Western front, and in particular the Italian campaign with its armies, infantries, regiments, but even the civilians with their sorrow.

Monte Cassino War Tours: where in Monte Cassino and how far is Monte Cassino from Rome or Sorrento?

If you want to take part to my Monte Cassino Battlefield Tours, it is very easy. It is possible to join our Battlefield Tours from Rome, catching a train to Cassino, or from Naples or Sorrento, catching again a train or a bus to Cassino. Monte Cassino Is about in the middle between Rome and Naples. It is very easy and it is also very cheap. If you want to know how to arrive in Cassino leaving Rome, Naples or Salerno have a look here for some suggestions, and keep an eye to the Italian National Railway online timetable or to Flexbus online timetable.

Me with an old veteran

Monte Cassino Battlefield Tour: why you must chose my Monte Cassino Battlefield tours

Because I speak German, English and French I read a lot of documents in their original language, to be sure to really understand the emotions of the soldiers involved in the battles, and the strategies that were planned in 1944. There are a lot of books and movies about Hitler, his invasion of Europe and the life in the occupied countries, but usually Monte Cassino and its 4 battles are less known. That’s why I wanted first of all to speak with the veterans in their own language, and to walk on their footsteps on the battlefield, to be a witness for the future.

Me with a Liberation Route group
My tour with Carlo Puddu (Managing Director of the Liberation Route Italy) and some WWII Tour Operators.

Monte Cassino Tour: how my tours work

All Monte Cassino Battlefield tours start from the Railway Station of Cassino, next to the green kiosk in the middle of the square and our groups are  formed by maximum 8 people, because it is the best way to have a more effective experience. But if you need a different pick up from your B&B or your Hotel, please let me know! We will visit the Battlefields on a little van, that will allow us to join also very narrow roads and hidden places . Usually I held my tours in English, but if you need a different language, we will find a solution. I can speak French, Spanish, English, German and naturally Italian.

Pictures yo Monte Cassino Abbey

Monte Cassino Battlefield Tour: the long week of the war ceremonies

During the Week of the WWII celebrations  all the ceremonies that are taking place in that day are included in my tours. It is difficult to know in advance the calendar of the different ceremonies, but I will try to let you know all what I know as soon as possible. 

Me at the Polish Cemetery

Calendar of the WWII ceremonies of Monte Cassino 2024 (80th Anniversary)

  • 13 May 2024 at about 05.00 a.m. ceremony at the new Amazon Bridge monument
  • 19 May 2024 **.** h.(?) Ceremony on the Rapido River at Sant’Angelo in Theodice
  • 18 May 2024 **.** h (?) Polish Ceremony at the Polish Cemetery
  • 19 May 2024 **.**h (?) Inauguration of the new statue dedicated to General Anders
Picture yo the Polish Tank

80th Anniversary Calendar of Canadian ceremonies in Italy (October 2023)

EPS PIPES AND DRUMS – 80th Anniversary Italian Campaign Commemorative Tour
In honour of the thousands of Canadian men and women who fought and died in the Italian Campaign from 1943 to 1945, and the important role played by the city of Edmonton in the Liberation of Italy, the Edmonton Police Service Pipes and Drums will play in the following locations, paying particular tribute to Canada’s three Victoria Cross winners: Paul Triquet (Ortona – Casa Berardi); Ernest ‘Smokey’ Smith (Cesena – River Savio); John Mahoney (Roccasecca – River Melfa).
The band will meet the citizens of Ortona; Cesena; Cesenatico; San Pietro Avellana; San Vito Chietino; Roccasecca; Pofi. It will play in the CWGC sites of Moro River; Coriano; Cassino; Rome, and in the Abbey of Montecassino.
Crossroads Cultural Association of Ortona manages the tour and is delighted to invite the public to join the EPS Pipes and Drums in any and all events.

Join us in Cesena on 12-10-23
Join us in San Pietro Avellana on 13.10.23
Join us in San Vito Chietino on 14.10.23
Join us in Ortona on 14-15.10.23
Join us in Roccasecca on 16-10-23
Join us in Cassino on 17-10-23
Join us in Pofi on 17-10-23
Join us in Rome on 18-10-23
All appointments are in the morning except for 14.10.23 for the afternoon parade in Ortona and 17-10-23 in Pofi.

80th Anniversary Calendar of the WWII ceremonies in Monte Cassino area 2024 (UNOFFICIAL BY NOW)

  • 12 May 2024 Celebrations for Castelforte liberation
  • 13 May 2024 at about 10.30 a.m. ceremony at the new Amazon Bridge monument. The ceremony at the Amazon Bridge Memorial, on the Strada Provinciale 76, will include a parade by the pipe-band of the Black Watch
  • ??? Maori Ceremony at Cassino Railway Station
  • 18 May 2024 (in the morning) Commonwealth ceremony at the Commonwealth Cemetery
  • 18 May 2024 (in the afternoon) Polish Ceremony at the Polish Cemetery
  • 19 May 2024 German Ceremony at the German Cemetery

Monte Cassino WWII Battlefield Tours by Anna Priora

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