FSSF Battlefield Tour

FSSF Battlefield Tour
Hill 720 FSSF plaque

In the first few days of December 1943, with a long match of about 30km from Presenzano to Mignano Montelungo, the men of the First Service Special Force Joined the Torrente Peccia, the starting point to reach the top of the Camino Mass. The Germans didn’t know that the FSSF was arrivong and they even didn’t notice that they were joining the battle line. A quite small group of the Forse was already arrived some days before to observe the Battlefield and to find a way to join the top of Mount La Defensa.

Storming Mount La Defensa: the north side

The best way to attack the top of Mount La Defensa was by hiling the North parte of the mount, where the Germans didn’t adpected to be attached.. on this side the Mountain was realy rocky and steel. The Germans believed that any Infantyy Division could hike the Camino Mass on that side and so they left in the area very few watchmen. The axis didnct know that the FSSF was not an Infantry Division, but a very special trainer group of brave men, that could do things that were impossible for any other.

FSSF memorial in Mignano Cityhall

The Attack to Mount la Defensa on 2nd December 1943

The Attack started on 2nd December After 3 hours of heavy Fire on the top of the Mass, the Second FSSF Regiment started to climb rocks even 80 Meter hight. Then menof the Second Regiment could reach the top thanks to Colonnel Tom William, Captain William Rothlin and tour simple soldiers called Van Ausdale, Antony Ross, Fenton and Joe Danphinais. these brave men left the Battle line before the others and they placed the ropes to help the rest of the men to hike the mountains.

Joining the top of Mount La Defensa

The first group of 75 men helped by the already placed ropes and the darkness, joined the top of La Defensa with light weapons, while the second group joined the first with machine guns. Every men was carrying about 50 kgof weapons and equipment, because they donct know if later they could be joined by any other supplies. The first group was successful because the Germans didn’t noticed that they were on the top of the mount. they penetrate quote deen in the enemies area, untill when probably the Germans heard a falled helmet, and Discovery that they were not alone on Mount La Defensa.

Ridge 368 FSSF plaque

The First Regiment fired on Ridge 368

At that point the sun was rising and the fighting started. Soon After that, while he was fighting bravely, Captain Rothlin was hit in the face by a MP40. In the early morning the top.of Mount La Dafensa had bern liberated. the Allies were very surprised. They believed that such a dangerous action would have taken more days. But the German answer was on his way. On the 3rd December the Germans started their counterattack, and the First Regiment was hit very badly on the slopes of Camino Mass on point 368.

Cleaning Mount Sammucro

Conquering Mount Majo

The FSSF casualties from 1 December to 8 Dicember, 8 days in total, were very high: 73deaf, 429 wounded and 9 missing soldiers.

The “”FSSF Battlefield tour” (about 6 hours) includes:

1) pickup from your arrival at the railway station in Cassino everyday at 10.00am (Main Square, near the Green Kiosk)

2) about 6h guided tour of the most meaningful sites of the Winter Defensive Line:

  • Mignano gap and Mignano Montelungo Village
  • Mignano Montelungo Town hall and FSSF markers
  • FSSF marker on ridge 368
  • Venafro Cemetery

Break for a light lunch

  • Le Noci hamlet
  • Ceppagna Hamlet
  • Hill 720 FSSF plaque

3) return to the railway station in Cassino at about 05.00pm


TOUR DURATION: about 6 hours

DEPARTUR TIME: Daily at 10.00 am

MEETING POINT: Cassino Railway Station (Main Square, near the Green Kiosk)


  • Professional WW2 Guidance
  • Transportation
  • Donation to the monastery

WHAT IS NOT INCLUDED: Lunch and dinner are not included

PRICE PER PERSON: 150 euros minimum 2 people


  • No advance payment
  • You can do the payment during the tour cash to your Guide
HMCS Prince David and HMCS Prince Henry supporting pre-invasion exercises for the Mediterranean Operation which took place off the coast of Italy, 22 Aug 1944. (Library and Archives Canada Photo, MIKAN No. 3964045) picture found here
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FSSF Battlefield tour

First Special Service Force on Winter Line next to Montecassino Abbey. Mount la Defensa and Mount Sammucro

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