Cavendish Road and Inferno Track🔧

Polish Soldiers on the Cavendish Road
The Inferno track
Cavendish road
Hove dump

The Cavendish Road was a tank path built by Indian and New Zealand Engineers in about 10 days to facilitate an attack on Monte Cassino. Because the Miles were few and the supplies to being on the top of the hills were many, the Indian Engineers worked very hardly on Febbruary 1944 to transform a simplex track in a Road for vehiches. It was built from Caira village (few Kilometres from Cassino town) to Phantom and Snakeshead ridge, and rose 800 feey in about a Mile and and half. The Kiwis Engineers that were Better equiped were adk to help the Indian One, and working everyday from 3 to 10 March compressors, bulldozers, pick-axes and crowbars cut the rocks. Because some parts of the Road were exposed yo the enemies, camouflages Nets were used to Hide the Road and to tey to keep the secret. It was so large that on 19th March 1944, 37 kiwi tanks (New Zealand Armoured Division) were able to arrive to the rear of the monastery and to Surprise the Germans on the top of the Hill. The intention was to launch  the attack to the abbey but because of the tanks were not accompanied by any Infantry, the German 4th Parachute Regiment was able to disable the first 10 tanks near the medieval Albaneta Farm and the other ware forcad to retret. The same road was used by Polish Corps on 12th May 1944. Today it is possible to explore it and to reach Montecassino as the New Zealanders did in the past.