Monte Cassino War Tours Blog: General Regel’s luxury bunker

During the four Battles of Cassino, and the bombing of Monte Cassino, the Germans were observing the area from the top of hills and mountains. Not only the observation points of Mount Cifalco and Mount Caira were involved, but also places that seem to be too far away from Monte Cassino Battlefield to have been so important. One of this was General Rigel’s Bunker at Alvito. On the slope of the hill, not far away from the ruins of Alvito Castle, the German headquarter was between two extensive buildings, inside a large and well hidden cave. The cave had two entrances and two windows to permit to those that were inside to have a second way out in case of massive bombing and consequently the risks of collapse of the structure. The doors and the windows had frame profiles made by reinforced concrete, so that the bunker has security doors and windows. Some eyewitnesses reported the cave had been totally lined with wood, to have less humidity and more comfort, and General Rigel had decided where to hang the picture.In this bunker usually lived Rigel, when he was not controlling the troops, and all his collaborators, and he keep from here communications with his regiments. As General Rigel said, from this cave it was possible to control all the Comino Valley. During his stay at the Borgo del Castello, the Germans were always very correct with the local population, and many witnesses told that during the quiet days between the battles, Rigel promenaded in the centre of the villages, speaking with the locals. During Easter 1944 Regel ordered a special food distribution for the locals. It was a strange special Easter for Monte Cassino Battlefield area..During a reconnaissance inside the bunker some years ago, it was possible to find a metal box for MG/42 munitions, and iron frames that probably support the wall’s wood covering. To prepare and serve lunch and dinner to General Regel and his collaborators, the Germans used former Russian prisoners dressed in white jacket.If you are interested to this special site of Monte Cassino Battlefield Tours please ask me if it is possible to visit it during your scheduled tour